Tired of buffering?

Wave make high-speed wireless broadband simple, affordable and available for everyone in the North West. If you are fed up with slooooooooow internet speeds, tired of watching the ‘buffering’ sign and waiting for the page to refresh, then Wave have the answer.

High Speed Internet

Our service is simple; high speed internet, no cables, no techie speak…  just reliable fast internet to allow you to watch online movies, on demand TV, online gaming, all at blistering speeds. So if you work from home, Skype often, stream HD videos, use Netflix,  iPlayer or have several people online at the same time, get in touch.

We Are Unique

Based in the North West of England, dedicated wireless fibre has just been installed in your area. With no phone line needed, no overseas call centres, what are you waiting for?! We own all of our mast sites. We do not rent public masts meaning we have no pressure to oversubscribe our sites unlike other suppliers. We operate a policy of limited numbers per mast in order to ensure superfast broadband for all of our customers.
  • Silver
    £29.99per month
    • Download speeds up to 12Mbps
    • Upload speeds up to 4Mbps
    • No line rental required
    • Perfect for:
    • Internet banking
    • Online shopping
    • Social networking
    • School work
    • eBay
    • Lightning fast browsing
    • Unlimited usage*
    • Includes wireless router
    • Installation: From £145 + VAT
    • (Subject to a site survey and 20m cabling)
    • Upgrades available
  • Platinum
    £52.99per month
    • Download speeds up to 30Mbps
    • Upload speeds up to 6Mbps
    • No line rental required
    • Perfect for:
    • 3D TV
    • Multiple Netflix viewers
    • File transfers
    • Uploading/downloading large files
    • Internet TV
    • Multiple users
    • Working from home
    • Lightning fast browsing
    • Unlimited usage*
    • Includes wireless router
    • Installation: From £145 + VAT
    • (Subject to a site survey and 20m cabling)
    • Upgrades available

Note: All package prices include VAT, unless otherwise noted. Standard 18 month contract.

Package availability dependent upon location.

*Subject to our fair usage policy

Hear what people say about us...

  • For a company such as ours, speed and reliability are crucial. Previous hosts were unable to provide either and worse still, were not interested. Wave Internet have bent over backwards in order to provide a unique service which allows me to work quickly and efficiently, safe in the knowledge that connectivity is no longer an issue.

    Andrea Stephenson
    Andrea StephensonThomson Reuters
  • I live in Hoddlesden, Darwen, and previously my internet download speed was very slow (between 2MB & 5MB a second). BT kept saying that they would put cable in, but they still haven't, so I decided to go with Wave and my download speed is now around 20MB a second, I couldn't be happier! Very nice people to deal with, many thanks!

    Justin Nixon-Taylor
    Justin Nixon-TaylorResidential Customer
  • Great service from wave Internet and much faster broadband. Very impressed!

     Maria Philippides
    Maria PhilippidesResidential Customer

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