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How does our line-of-sight wireless microwave technology work?

Wireless fibre technology allows us to take high speed fibre optic broadband and transfer it to microwave data, to then transmit a secure wireless signal between our distribution sites to homes and businesses. Our Wave-owned masts connect you to internet. The technology maintains the fibre optic speed, and beams the data through the airwaves to your doorstep, without the need for a phone line.

Instead of cable, we use a small dish (about the size of a small pizza!). We can provide wireless fibre technology to anyone within a direct, clear line of sight from one of our distribution points.

Your Wave Internet antenna is installed on your building and receives the signal in line of sight. Your free router plugs into this receiver and your Wave Internet experience has begun.

Have specific questions about our service?

Take a look at our help & Support FAQ page or call us on 01254 377373 and we will answer any questions you may have.

Wave Wireless Vs BT & Wired suppliers

Many people have been unhappy for a long time with their broadband supplier, often one of the big corporations like BT. Comparison sites tend to work on affiliates, so only give you limited options from the likes of BT, Virgin, Talk Talk, Plusnet etc. They don’t tell you about the new technology and solutions available when they simply cannot provide you with the speed you need.

Often the connection is slow because of old, damaged wires, poor maintence or living in more rural areas. Not only are you paying for slow speeds and questionable service with overseas call centers, you are forced to have a landline you don’t need.

There are so many benefits to switching to Wave Wireless Internet:

Flexible Contracts

Unlike other providers, you are not tied in for long periods, as the super flexible service we offer means customer’s stay with us for the long term.

Unlimited Usage

There are no extra fees when going over allowances like with other providers, rest assured you won’t be tied to data usage limitations.

No Phone Line Needed

We use state-of-the-art new technology, meaning there is no need for pointless landline charges. Flexible VOIP phone systems can be provided if needed.

Quality Service

No overseas call centres, just a local telephone number with rapid response times. All our engineers are within 40 minutes of our beam points.

A new technology is here, switch today

Wave owns one of the largest private wireless internet networks in the North West. Our private fibre to the mast infrastructure spans much of Lancashire and Greater Manchester, and we are looking to expand further.

We have a network of fibre optic and wireless beam sites, that enable us to offer high speed internet to places that have been forgotten or poorly served by the big corporations.

We offer a totally independent end to end fibre wireless service, allowing bespoke packages for home and businesses, that are backed up by our local customer service team.

Your speed is agreed in advance and all our services are business grade connections, suitable for VoIP, Streaming, Gaming and totally secure.

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Why should I switch to Wave Internet?
Unlike the big corporates, we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing needs of our local customers. Our new technology allows us to beam high speed internet from our stations all around Lancashire and Greater Manchester. They want you to think that they all use the same technology and there are no other options, but we are here to change perceptions and provide excellent, rapid customer service at the same time.

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