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How to get the best WIFI in your caravan or motorhome

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The Best Broadband for your Caravan

There are millions of people who own or rent out a static caravan lodge or holiday home. Buying a caravan can be a huge decision, not just financially but also this can provide a huge change of lifestyle for families. With many in rural locations, it is important to find out how to get the best WiFi connection. Site owners will also want to provide great broadband to their pitches.

Wireless Microwave, Mobile broadband, wifi hotspots, and Mi-Fi devices are different ways people access the internet from their caravans.

When transmitting data wirelessly the speed and reliability of the connection are important. For example, if you were streaming a movie or playing an online game it would be very frustrating to have long periods when the screen was frozen while buffering took place. The technology works in very different ways, therefore it is important to get expert advice when choosing the best option.

Mobile broadband technology uses cellular networks to transmit data, whereas wifi hotspots and Mi-Fi devices use wireless signals from a nearby cell site. As well as using different ways to transmit the data they also generally provide different speeds and reliability of the connection.

Fixed Line ADSL

This is rarely an option for leisure parks due to the location. This type of broadband requires the signal to send sent through copper fixed wires. Even if this is an option the signal is usually poor due to being so far away from the exchange. Fixed-line companies such as BT also force a phone line which isn’t ideal. It is much more useful to us modern VOIP technology for making calls.

4G Mobile broadband for caravans

4G has the potential to be faster than ADSL, although, in reality, it will depend very much on where you are located. The best way is to test your current speed connection and then use this information to work out if a 4G rural set-up would be better for you.

Data plans for 4G devices can be purchased to suit the users’ needs – from a casual holidaymaker wanting to check their emails to regular lodgers seeking fast internet access 24/7.

Wireless & Satellite broadband for caravans

When people internet in a motorhome or caravan in a rural location, it is often thought that mobile broadband is the only option, but this is not the case. This misconception comes from the fact scenic locations don’t always have access to fixed-line.

Line-of-sight broadband will allow the broadband to be beamed from nearby masts to an antenna on the caravan. This is then beamed into the caravan, where it can be unraveled for easy access. Whilst fixed-line broadband isn’t always available in rural areas, line-of-sight should always give usable speeds to surf the net and check emails.

Satellite or Microwave wireless broadband is a great option and can offer high speeds and data plans that can be unlimited. This means the packages can be much more flexible and the connection more reliable.

Caravan WIFI Booster

If you already have WIFi available on site but need it to be accessible in a certain area of the park or individual caravan, you can also look at a wifi booster. This is a directional antenna that can pick up the available wifi signal and repeat it back to your caravan, allowing you to access the internet.

A WIFi booster will usually be used in conjunction with a router and do require some setting up and configuration. You may need one or multiple units to achieve the desired connection speeds.

WIFI booster extender

What about MIFI?

Mobile Internet WIFI devices are another option. You may know these as a ‘dongle’. Many of these are not directional and can connect using the 4G network of your telephone provider rather than a traditional wifi network.

These can be useful if you’re on an inconsistent data plan or prepaid, as it will only use the internet when needed. These are quite an old technology now but could still be an option if all else fails. Speeds don’t tend to be great with these.

5 top tips for getting great WIFI in your caravan

  1. Check the speed of your connection – many people are surprised that speeds can be as low as 1Mb which is too slow for Skype or Netflix for example.
  2. Upgrade your router.
  3. Upgrade your software – make sure the latest security updates are applied to protect your devices from hackers and get optimals speeds.
  4. Get a WIFI Booster.
  5. Upgrade to wireless technology with Wave.

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