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I don’t want my kids looking at certain content, is there anything I can do?

There are various different ways to restrict content, and none of them replace proper parental guidance.

It’s worth looking into options on devices directly, for example, Apple has “Screen Time” which can be enabled and used to restrict unsuitable content and control times the device is used.

One of the easiest ways to restrict content accessible on your Wi-Fi network would be to use Open DNS’s Family Shield… which can be used for free. 

It’s just a matter of changing the DNS server entries in your routers DHCP settings to and 

  • First open a web browser on a device connected to your Wi-Fi, type in and press enter.
  • You will then need to log in using username: admin and password: (as on the sicker on the bottom of the router)
  • Then click on DHCP on the left and input the Open DNS servers in the primary and secondary boxes and confirm by clicking “Save” at the bottom
  • Due to the current DHCP lease time, these setting won’t become active on devices for up to 120 minutes unless the device is disconnected and reconnected to the Wi-Fi.

Obviously this isn’t flawless so you’ll still need to monitor usage and be aware that turning off Wi-Fi and using mobile data on a mobile phone will bypass any restrictions on the Wi-FI.