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Living or working in a remote area should not mean putting up with a slow broadband connection. As specialists in delivering network solutions to hard-to-reach homes, we have you covered. The main issue with countryside locations in the infrastructure if often outdated and unreliable. We use new technologies to beam high-speed internet without the need for wires, meaning we can get you much faster broadband.

Flexible Contracts

Unlike other providers, you are not tied in for long periods, as the super flexible service we offer means customer’s stay with us for the long term.

Unlimited Usage

There are no extra fees when going over allowances like with other providers, rest assured you won’t be tied to data usage limitations.

No Phone Line Needed

We use state-of-the-art new technology, meaning there is no need for pointless landline charges. Flexible VOIP phone systems can be provided if needed.

Quality Service

No Overseas call centres, just a local telephone number with rapid response times. All our engineers are within 40 minutes of our beam points.

Wifi Mesh Systems

Say goodbye to wifi dead zones with our whole property wifi mesh system. Contact us for details.

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