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Caravan and Motorhome Broadband Solutions throughout the UK

Due to the nature of Caravan and Motorhome WIFI, it can be difficult for owners or renters to provide adequate services. Most sites have WIFI, but it can be slow and unreliable. Most caravans are now sold equipped with WiFi,  but not all leisure parks are able to offer fast speeds. There are various ways for both site owners and individual caravan owners to access better internet. Speak toour team to find out how we can help or use our broadband coverage checker.

Network Coverage Guarantee

Our network coverage guarantee ensures you can access WIFI from anywhere on your site.

Wave Caravan Wifi

For Caravan Owners

We know how important it is to have good broadband in your caravan. You may want to stream Netflix, listen to music, and browse the internet in search of the best walks in the area, all at the same time! Most caravan sites are in beautiful scenic locations but come with the problem of having poor or no WiFi coverage. Wave Internet uses a wireless solution, providing you with the best possible speeds to stream your favorite shows and relax without any buffering!

Wifi for Popular UK Caravan Sites

For Park Owners

We work with park owners, to install infrastructure on site that enables each caravan to connect to fast internet. allowing owners to be fully connected to their favorite online services.

One of the first questions asked when somebody is buying or renting a caravan is the quality of the broadband, so this is fastly becoming a priority for leisure parks and caravan sites.

Wave Unlimited


Great for those who need reliability and quick efficient customer service, but don’t have large network needs.

No phone line needed
Save over £200 per year on BT costs
Add a VOIP phone system (optional)

Download Speeds

up to 12 mbps

Upload Speeds

up to 4 mbps

£29.99 / month

Wave Unlimited


Our most popular option, this basic family package is for the need to have  multiple users.

No phone line needed
Save over £200 per year on BT costs
Add a VOIP phone system (optional)

Download Speeds

up to 20 mbps

Upload Speeds

up to 5 mbps

£39.99 / month

Wave Unlimited


A powerful solution. Superfast speeds for gaming and working from a static home.

No phone line needed
Save over £200 per year on BT costs
Add a VOIP phone system (optional)

Download Speeds

up to 30 mbps

Upload Speeds

up to 6 mbps

£52.99 / month

Wave Unlimited

Platinum PLUS

Our most powerful package. Ideal for large families with multiple users.

No phone line needed
Save over £200 per year on BT costs
Add a VOIP phone system (optional)

Download Speeds

up to 40 mbps

Upload Speeds

up to 8 mbps

£69.99 / month

Need even higher speeds?

We can offer bespoke packages over 100mbps, just call us on 01254 377373 and let us know what you need.

Full Wifi Mesh systems for Caravans

Ensure your caravan or communal area has a strong internet connection.

In a hurry? Fast track Install available

We will get you up and running in hours. Call us on 01254 377373 for pricing, our engineers are on standby.

How does WIFI reach my caravan

How does the WIFI reach my caravan?

Once we have established an internet connection somewhere onsite, normally the reception or site office, we can then beam it around the park.

We then install a small receiver (About 6” in diameter) to the lodge or caravan, connect a router internally via Cat 5 cable and they are online. Unlike some providers, there is no phone line required due to our modern technology.

Lodge Park owners can enhance the value of their service and make the units more attractive to potential owners and guests, increasing the business worth.

Find out more about our wireless technology and 4G rural solutions.

WIFI booster extender

WiFi Booster for larger sites and caravans

Along with providing boosters for individual smaller caravans, we can also supply a wifi mesh for the larger caravans and lodges so the whole area is internet-connected.

If there are communal areas we can use our UltraBoost Mesh to cover a larger area – this operates as a mesh rather than a star network, so it makes the most of any wifi signal it gets. We can also boost any existing dead spots customers may have for up to 40% improvement. This is great for swimming pools, bars, and restaurants, etc.

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Switching is easy

Why should I switch to Wave Internet?
Unlike the big corporates, we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing needs of our local customers. Our new technology allows us to beam high speed internet from our stations all around Lancashire and Greater Manchester. They want you to think that they all use the same technology and there are no other options, but we are here to change perceptions and provide excellent, rapid customer service at the same time.

Flexible Contracts

Unlike other providers, you are not tied in for long periods, as the super flexible service we offer means customer’s stay with us for the long term.

Unlimited Usage

There are no extra fees when going over allowances like with other providers, rest assured you won’t be tied to data usage limitations.

No Phone Line Needed

We use state-of-the-art new technology, meaning there is no need for pointless landline charges. Flexible VOIP phone systems can be provided if needed.

Quality Service

No overseas call centres, just a local telephone number with rapid response times. All our engineers are within 40 minutes of our beam points.

We are trusted by hundreds of companies

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