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What is 4G?

The term ‘4G’ or ‘Fourth Generation’ refers to the mobile network technology which sends signals from a network of phone masts.

If you have a mobile phone, you will most likely have heard of it, but did you know that it isn’t just for mobile phones?

You can actually use 4G technology to connect to the internet in your home or business, instead of a traditional broadband provider.

4G sim Rural broadband

How 4G broadband works

No need for wires and cables, 4G technology allows a simple set up process with greater connection opportunities. Here’s how it works at Wave…

4g masts

The 4G signals are beamed from the nearest location to your property, ready to be picked up by your Wave Router.

4g router

Your router is set up and ready to receive the signal. Your 4G sim is put into the router and if needed, we will also fit a 4G antenna to your home.

Internet Connection

You are ready to go! it is as easy as that. You will now be connected to the internet and ready to benefit from faster broadband.

Is 4G broadband right for me?

You may be wondering why this may be a good option for you over other types of broadband. There are so many different ways companies offer broadband, and it can be easy to get confused.

For many years now the large companies such as BT have dominated the industry, but the solutions they offer aren’t always suitable. Tired of slow speeds? Many people don’t know there are actually alternatives. The large corporations use older, more traditional technology such as fibre optic and standard ADSL, but this can be problematic for rural locations.

If you live in a rural area then there are really 2 main types of broadband that are best suited. These are Microwave Wireless broadband, and 4G. Depending on where you live in the UK, different solutions may work best. By using the coverage checker on our website, you can check if you can get both, or if 4G is going to be the best choice. One of the main reasons for using 4G commercial connection, is if there is poor traditional internet available (Often overhead cables or old copper) and if there is no Wireless Internet line of sight.

Wave 4G home & business broadband

Wave Internet have access to the 4G commercial spectrum on ALL networks: EE, Vodaphone, 3Three, and O2.
We combine this with a commercial 4G router, with directional antenna, not to be confused with a “Dongle”
A “Dongle” offers connection mainly to those in built-up areas and for small usage tasks.

We do not provide “Dongles”

We have an electronic Multi Sim that can determine the best connection in your area, hence we can then configure your 4G router and ship it ready to connect.
Once you get internet to your location you can then pair this with our UltraBoost Mesh system to get the internet to where you want to use it in your house or site.

WIFI booster extender

What is the next step?

Send us your full location details, and we can check the best connection network and check your line of sight to the nearest commercial mast.
We will advise you which one, and assess if you need an external Antenna to boost your connection.

We ship you the unit, you have 7 days to test it, and consult with our 4G configuration team.

If for any reason the service doesn’t provide what you need, you ship it back and obtain a full refund.
Your only outlay is shipping!

What are you waiting for, contact our 4G commercial team!

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