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Broadband for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Early Years Education

When investing in broadband for your school, college or other educational setting, you want to ensure you have a fully managed, safe and secure service you can trust.

Schools can be major users of technology and many users will be wanting to access the internet simultaneously. Many schools will require a high-quality broadband connection that is superior to that required in a domestic setting.

Whatever your size and budget, Wave Internet is committed to making high-speed wireless broadband simple, affordable and available for every school, college and university across in the UK.

Wave Unlimited


Great for small schools who need reliability and quick efficient customer service, but don’t have large network needs.

No phone line needed
Save over £200 per year on BT costs
Add a VOIP phone system (optional)

Download Speeds

up to 19 mbps

Upload Speeds

up to 4 mbps

£49.99 / month

Price Excludes VAT

Wave Unlimited


Our most popular option, for schools who have greater need for faster speeds across multiple users.

No phone line needed | VOIP available
Save over £200 per year on BT costs
Free Static IP Address

Download Speeds

up to 30 mbps

Upload Speeds

up to 5 mbps

£59.99 / month

Price Excludes VAT

Wave Unlimited


The most popular package for lots of users on the network in multiple classrooms and staff usage.

No phone line needed | VOIP available
Save over £200 per year on BT costs
Free Static IP Address

Download Speeds

up to 40 mbps

Upload Speeds

up to 8 mbps

£89.99 / month

Price Excludes VAT

Wave Unlimited

Platinum PLUS

Our most powerful package. Superfast speeds with capability of large networks with lots of users.

No phone line needed | VOIP available
Save over £200 per year on BT costs
Free Static IP Address

Download Speeds

up to 55 mbps

Upload Speeds

up to 10 mbps

£99.99 / month

Price Excludes VAT

Primary school broadband

Superfast WIFI to Increase productivity in your school

When working with children and young people in education, it’s important to ensure they are as productive as possible, and that all lessons run smoothly. We enable the safest and most secure online learning environment for schools through our ultra-fast connectivity, web filtering and network security, delivered all in one package.

Protecting your school community from external threats and unsuitable material is high priority and is referenced on the UK Government guidelines in child online safety. By providing a secure online environment without restricting normal use you can educate children in how to use the internet safely.

  • Improve efficiency of day-to-day operation
  • Ensure safe and secure usage
  • Allow access to the latest broadband technology
New technology in education

Embrace the change to new technologies in Education

With the rapid move towards online learning and teaching facilities, and the cost savings from using the internet rather than books, the education sector is one of the main beneficiaries of superfast broadband.

New tech used in schools means more demand for effective connections, and Wave Internet are ahead of the curve.

Unlimited usage broadband plans

Unlimited devices & large scale usage

Just like large businesses, schools need to access a huge amount of devices at the same time. You can connect unlimited devices to the network at anytime, without the worry of slow speeds.

We make sure that every area of your school is covered, as unlike wired solutions, our new technology beams the internet from satellites, using powerful, local beam points around Lancashire.

Network Coverage Guarantee

Our network coverage guarantee ensures you can access WIFI from anywhere on the school premises.

Westholme school wifi

Your trusted School broadband provider

We care about each and every organisation and home that we supply our services to. Rest assured you can get hold of us when you need support and we will be there to assist with any questions you have.

Proud providers to Westholme School

When considering switching, you should look at the following;

  • Stability – Have you had any disruption to your broadband service in the last 12 months that we can help to improve?
  • Usage – How much bandwidth are you using and how often is the system running at maximum capacity?
  • Performance – How long does it take to connect to common online resources when the system is busy?
  • Curriculum – Do you have plans to increase the use of online services in the near future?
  • Technology – How important is the use of technology to your school? We offer the latest in broadband technology to fit into that vision.
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Switching is easy

Why should I switch to Wave Internet?
Unlike the big corporates, we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing needs of our local customers. Our new technology allows us to beam high speed internet from our stations all around Lancashire and Greater Manchester. They want you to think that they all use the same technology and there are no other options, but we are here to change perceptions and provide excellent, rapid customer service at the same time.

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