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get broadband without a landline

How can I get broadband without a phone line?

Have you wondered if it’s possible to get broadband without a phone line? Absolutely! It ultimately depends on the type of broadband you have as to whether you can separate from signing up without an active phone line. A broadband connection through the telephone lines is an outdated infrastructure that is quickly being replaced by […]

Wave Caravan Wifi

How to get the best WIFI in your caravan or motorhome

The Best Broadband for your Caravan There are millions of people who own or rent out a static caravan lodge or holiday home. Buying a caravan can be a huge decision, not just financially but also this can provide a huge change of lifestyle for families. With many in rural locations, it is important to […]

Summer of Love Case Study

Case Study – Summer of Love Festival, Bristol

The Client  Lakota Entertainment had planned its first open-air festival welcoming huge crowds. Due to the remote location, they needed a rural broadband specialist so Wave Internet was happy to help! The organisers wanted a cashless festival to help with licencing and security, as well as increased profits. The Challenges The location was a rural […]

How to get fast Internet in rural areas

When you live in remote, rural areas, accessing superfast broadband can be a headache but there are specialist broadband providers that will ensure you receive reliable fast internet at blistering speeds! The reason why some internet providers struggle to offer a great service in hard to reach areas is that the infrastructure is limited or [...]
VOIP Future of Making Calls

VOIP: The Future of Making Calls?

The history of the telephone is longer than you think, it actually reaches back to 1672 when a man called Robert Hooke discovered that sound could travel along a wire or string from a mouthpiece to an earpiece. But it wasn’t until the mid-eighteenth century when this technology started to be explored.  Arguably there has […]

The BT switch off 2024

What will the big BT switch off mean for your business?

Use of the internet is an integral part of our daily lives whether at work, home or in a public space and as the world becomes even more reliable on internet usage for such things as services, grocery deliveries and even medication, a fast and reliable internet provider has never been more appropriate. But what […]

Wave WIfi Engineer

Cancelling Corporations – Wireless, Local Internet Might Be Better for You

When you think of the term ‘Shop Local’ you often think of the small coffee shop around the corner or the friend who has turned her hobby into a business. What you may not be aware of in the term applies to all aspects of the business including your internet provider. The past few years […]

VPN Guide

Complete Guide to VPN’s

You have probably heard the term before, but what actually is a VPN? We have created this handy guide to give you all the information on why you may need a VPN and how to use one. What is a VPN? VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. It enables users to send and receive data […]

Devices using up bandwidth

The lockdown pastimes eating up your bandwidth

Lockdown 2.0 is well underway and if we have learned anything from the last one, it’s that we’re going to need plenty of distractions to ensure we get through it with our sanity intact. Not being able to see the people you love or live life as you would like is frustrating, but even more […]

Boost your home WIFI signal

How to Boost Your Home WIFI Signal

We all know just how frustrating it can be when you’re experiencing slowdown issues with your home wifi. No one enjoys seeing the movie they’re trying to watch drop in quality before continually buffering. It’s annoying but what can be done about it when you find yourself dealing with these problems more often than you’d […]