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Need to extend the WIFI to parts of your home or business?

If your WIFI speed is great in one room, but rubbish in another, there is something you can do about it. It also costs less than you might think. 

People often think that there is an issue with their broadband when getting a poor signal, but it may just be where your router is positioned compared to the device you are trying to access the internet on. With people often using mobile and tablet devices, to be portable in various areas, this can be a daily frustration. 

The main culprit of poor WIFI connection is the thick walls often found in older houses and external buildings. Lots of people these days have a home office in an outbuilding, and this can be problematic.

Businesses renting older buildings also find this a major problem, especially in places such as churches and schools

Even though you have a good internet speed coming into your router, you may not have good internet speed elsewhere in your property.  The best way to boost your signal is my installing a ‘Mesh WiFi’ or ‘Whole Home WiFi system’. 

What is a WIFI mesh system?

A mesh Wifi system consists of your main router, and a series of smart nodes positioned around your home, boosting the signal in different rooms. The system that we use at Wave Internet has a modern, sleek design so that they don’t look out of place in your home. 

Each node acts as a hop point to carry the signal around, so the node furthest from the router will still get a super strong signal.

How will using Wave WiFi UltraBoost benefit my connection?

One light bulb can’t light every room in your home, and a single router can’t be expected to deliver wireless internet to every corner. That’s why we offer a Wave Whole Wifi solution. 

Wave Wifi UltraBoost is designed to enable wifi throughout your property, creating a wifi mesh where you want it, to allow you to access the internet where you need it. 

It uses multiple access points and Mesh technology to enhance your wifi and allow you to work, stream and play from every room.

Our Mesh system intelligently routes traffic to avoid congestion, buffering and loss of connection.

  • Ideal for large houses, old houses, thick walls, garages, home offices.
  • Say Goodbye to wifi dead zones.
  • Our engineers fully configure, install and program the system.

I’m not a Wave customer, can I still take advantage of your Wifi Boost technology?

The answer is yes! You don’t need to have Wave Internet for us to enhance your internal wifi. If you are still in a contract with another provider but have lost faith in their services, we can still help provide you with the signal boost you need. 

Our engineers fully configure, install and program the system, simply give us a call and arrange a suitable date.


£7.99 per month. (Covers up to three wifi mesh extenders)

£9.99 per month for larger properties (Up to 6 Wifi Mesh Extenders)

** We also have a business/office version of this solution.

Call us on 01254 377373, email wifi@waveinternet.co.uk or fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.